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Minuteman Cleaning Equipment

Minuteman Cleaning Equipment

Equipment Authority carries a Full Line of Minuteman Janitorial Equipment. Minuteman prides itself on understanding the needs of the industry and provides innovative solutions. High standards mean you get peace of mind when you buy Minuteman equipment with most stringent standards of quality being met. We’re here to help! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff members, from customer service, product managers, service technicians and sales, are here to support you from selection of equipment to aftersales support.

Johnny Vac / Ghibli Floor Claning Equipment

Johnny Vac / Ghibli Janitorial Equipment

Equipment Authority carries a Full Line of Johnny Vac / Ghibli Janitorial Equipment. Designed and made in Italy, Ghibli has been producing quality commercial and industrial cleaning equipment since 1968. From light commercial to heavy duty industrial machines, emphasis is always on quality, while costing much less than the competition.

Certified Pre-Owned Floor Cleaning Equipment

Certified Pre-Owned Floor Cleaning Equipment

Equipment Authority carries a wide range of Certified Pre-Owned Cleaning Equipment. All our machines come with industry leading warranties, comparable to new equipment warranty. Piece-Of-Mind Financing and Easy Service Plans are offered on every piece of equipment we sell.

Brushes for Sweepers and Scrubbers

Sweeper & Scrubber Brushes and Pad Drivers

Equipment Authority is one of the leading retailers of floor care equipment brushes. We carry rotary, disk and cylindrical scrub brushes; side, gutter, and main sweeping brooms; floor pads, stripping, sanding and other specialty brushes for virtually any application. A wide selection of bristle material for custom made brushes, tailored to your specifications at a cost far less than OEM replacements are also available.

Replacement Parts for Floor Sweepers and Scrubbers

Sweeper & Scrubber Parts

Replacement Parts for most major brands of equipment. Equipment Authority stocks an extensive amount of inventory of regular wear items and carries a vast amount of replacement parts from squeegee blades to batteries, to complete engine and hydraulic units.

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